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The Tribiosys team has deep scientifc and IT expertise. In the course of their careers, the Tribiosys team has successfully delivered mission-critical, enterprise-wide solutions to over a hundred Fortune 500 companies, including several top pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies.

Our consultants have implemented a variety of data integration, mining, warehousing, knowledge management and collaboration solutions. Such solutions have been implemented in a wide variety of project environments, from quick win projects to long-term strategic initiatives.

Tribiosys resources work in multi-disciplinary teams that combine life sciences and IT expertise. In addition to Life Sciences and IT, we bring our skills in facilitation, strategy development, Program and Project Management to every engagement.

Tribiosys Skillsets

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Life Sciences Skills and Sample Life Sciences Consultant Bios

IT Skills and Sample IT Consultant Bios

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Life Sciences Skills

Tribiosys’ Ph.D. level scientists and informaticians with expertise in bio, chemical, process and clinical informatics collaborate with the customer’s staff to design informatics approaches and strategies.


  • Genome analysis

  •   Comparative genomics

  • Chemical genomics

  • Pharmacogenomics

  • Gene expression analysis

  • Proteomics

  •    Data mining, curation &    annotation


  •   QSAR studies

  • Docking analyses

  • Mulivariate/univariate ADME estimation

  •    Molecular analysis
  •    In silico combichem

Modeling and Simulation

  • 3-D modeling of small molecules and proteins

  • Threading and protein structure prediction

  • Protein structure analysis – binding, conformation and mutations


Technical Skills

IT Architecture Assessment and Design
Data Integration
Data Warehousing
Data Mining
Defacto and Emerging Standards
Advanced and Legacy Technologies
Designing, Developing, Testing and Deploying Systems

Sample Life Sciences Consultant Bios

Life Sciences Practice Director

Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry with over twelve years of research experience in the areas of mammalian gene expression, molecular retrovirology and gene therapy. Conducted research on the molecular mechanisms of leukemia using murine leukemia viruses, retroviral gene transcription in vivo in the Human T-Cell Leukemia Virus and developed retroviral vectors for the gene therapy of pancreatic cancer. Has taught courses on AIDS, molecular cancer biology and computational molecular biology. Currently responsible for formulating and implementing the Informatics Strategy for a number of Tribiosys clients.


Expert in nucleic acid and protein sequence analysis as well as data annotation and curation. Research experience in rotaviral genetics and structure and expression of the major rotaviral neutralization antigen, VP. Involved in the cloning, sequencing and mapping of the canine retinoblastoma (Rb) gene by Fuorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) and the identification of repetitive DNA sequence (IRS) PCR markers for a novel method of high throughput filter-based genotyping mapping of the IRS-PCS to develop a high resolution linkage map. Involved in the identification of novel genes in human chromosome 22 and annotation of human genes containing mORFS. Published a number of articles and holds two U.S. patents. Postdoctoral work at McGill University and MIT.


Specializes in molecular modeling, protein modeling and design, algorithm development for high-throughput annotation of genomic sequences and database design. Led a team of scientists on a project where he developed codes for high-throughput annotation, high-speed searches and clustering, and methods for protein fold prediction. Was a consultant to Accelrys. Performed research at Pennsylvania State University. Currently responsible for Bioinformatics and Cheminformatics analysis for a Tribiosys data Integration and management project.

Modeling and Mining Expert

Strong background in complex statistical analyses, modeling and mining. Experienced in topics such as object oriented equation based modeling and simulation of cellular and molecular biological systems, complex reaction networks and multi-dimensional data sets. Member of the faculty of the National Institute of Advanced Studies and a Guest Scientist at the Linkoping University in Sweden. Was a Burroughs-Wellcome La Jolla Interfaces in Science Fellow at the University of California, San Diego.

Pharma R&D Process and Solutions Expert

Pharma and Medical Device expert with over 14 years of experience in developing medical imaging, drug discovery and development informatics, regulatory and healthcare information technology solutions. Founded a clinical trial data management company. Responsible for the high-end imaging and visualization initiatives of a medical diagnostics company's clinical trial program. Helped develop and launch the world's first dedicated Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging (CMRI) instrument.


Sample IT Consultant Bios


Leader of the technology practice at a leading systems integration and consulting firm specializing in large-scale application development and transformation of complex legacy environments to modern technologies. Has over 9 years of experience in systems architecture, business engineering and project delivery. Has delivered solutions across a variety of industries ranging from the Department of Defense to telecommunications and financial services. Currently involved in designing technology architectures for key Tribiosys clients.

Technical Team Lead

Technical consultant with a track record of envisioning and designing scalable, flexible applications. Has helped resolve key technical issues on projects, and assured the overall technical quality of the solution. Expert in Microsoft, UNIX, and Web-based distributed computing environments and proficient in a number of relational databases. Expert in object-oriented design and software development methodologies. Currently the Technical Lead for a Tribiosys data integration and management project.

Skills include:

Project Manager

A results-driven project manager responsible for envisioning business and technology solutions and delivering projects within the life sciences industry. Ability to rapidly gather and understand customer business requirements and drive consensus on prioritizing business initiatives, conceptualize IT solutions, and troubleshoot high-pressure customer situations. Excels at driving business initiatives to realize tangible, profitable results in rapid time frames. Currently managing a Tribiosys data integration and management project.

Other IT Resources

Tribiosys also has highly skilled and experienced Database Modelers and Developers, System and Database Administrators, QA Managers and Testers, User Interface Designers and Developers and Tools/Technology Experts.


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