Approach: Overview

The Tribiosys Solutions Methodology (“TSM”) - the foundation of each client engagement - is an established, quality-driven process based on an integrated set of deliverables that build on each other incrementally to deliver solutions quickly. The process is flexible enough to consider each client's specifics without sacrificing a rigorous quality framework..

    Program Management
    Project Management
    Strategy Formulation and Validation
    Architecture Assessment and Design
    Package Evaluation and Selection
    Data and Application Integration
    Software Engineering
    Ongoing and ad-hoc data management and exploration

TSM incorporates a phased, iterative approach to solution development. In addition, solutions are rapidly developed and deployed in an iterative manner within each phase. Progress from one phase to the next requires signoff by relevant project stakeholders. TSM is deliverable focused, rather than task focused. Broadly, the activities and deliverables from the various phases within TSM are detailed in the table below – activities and deliverables in these phases may be modified depending on the client needs and the type of engagement.

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